Monday, January 27, 2014

Frankly, dreaming

My dreams these days seem universally anxious--not nightmares, but filled with somewhat mundane negative tension. I wish my dreams could be well…more "dreamy." Not to sound like the grumpy old guy, but I remember my younger dreams being more positive, more full of wonder, kisses, and lucid flight.

Frankly(!) I want my dreams to sound/feel/look like Frankie Rose's "The Fall"----percussionless, anchored only by a cello:

Frankie sounds like a night-gowned angel a la the kids flying to NeverNeverLand in Peter Pan. And though long-dead before the track was recorded I imagine Arthur Russell is on the cello and backing vocals. I don't know the inspiration behind this track, but it seems cut from the same ether as Arthur.

Maybe if I put this song on bedside repeat, it can slip into my dreaming subconscious.

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